Shadow Fashion Shoots

Funny pictures about Playing with shadows. Oh, and cool pics about Playing with shadows. Also, Playing with shadows photos.

Untitled by Matteo Angelotti, via 500px

♂ Black & white Untitled by Matteo Angelotti, via You can't spell architecture without "arch" :) One of our favorite, and strongest, shapes!

Might be an interesting photography idea to use someday.

Silhouette and Shadow Engagement Photos

Full Lace A Line Wedding Dresses Sexy Spaghetti Neck Backless Wedding GoSilhouette and Shadow Engagement Photos Might be an interesting photography idea to use someday.

“¿no se dan cuenta?...  …soy un náufrago  ¿nadie  quiere ser la brizna  de la hierba  a que me aferro?”    Claudio Bertoni  ( del muro de Lorena

This photo represents value. In this photo you can see the highlights where the sun is shining on her and the shadows where it doesn't. The darker areas show more depth than the highlighted ones. (photo by Sarah Loven ) Idea of using shadows

45 Beautiful Examples of Shadow Photography, click link to see them all. Very cool.

I chose this photo because I found it interesting how this person used ordinary books to create a message through shadows. The pile of books looks like nothing, but the shadow creates a new visual that is cool to look at.