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This isn't a blog as much as a site for recipes for EVERYTHING: potpourri, pet treat, seasoning blends, cleaning.... just about anything you can think of.


8 formas geniais que o vinagre pode salvar sua vida

I <3 this webpage. Fresh, uplifting news stories...not all news is bad news, people!

Natural Hair Dye Recipes - Make your own natural hair dyes for healthy, chemical-free, all natural hair color


This article has simple homemade pet stain remover recipes that will have your carpet clean and odorless in no time.

Flea killer. Sprinkle Borax into your carpets to kill fleas. Vacuum thoroughly. - Place a pan on your floor and line the bottom with a white towel. Fill the pan with water and Dawn dishwashing liquid and leave it overnight with a light shining into the pan.

If your dog is marking or persistently using the same area of carpet to urinate, you can use essential oils on the area such as eucalyptus, cinnamon and sour apple to deter them from using the same area. The smell will be good to you, but dogs don't like them. Using only a few drops diluted in water and delivered through a spray bottle should solve the problem. Also has info on getting rid of stains and orders.


Essential Oil Use Chart -- Help for Using Essential Oils


Homemade Carpet Shampoo 1/4 cup vinegar 1/4 cup liquid homemade laundry soap (can use other liquid soap) 1 gallon water Check the machine first and make sure it doesn't require a special shampoo. Mix together and add to carpet cleaning machine. Shampoo carpets as usual. This solution can also be added to a spray bottle and used for spot treatment.