50+ Cute Small Tattoos

50+ Cute Small Tattoos

delicate collar bone tattoo quotes - this too shall pass – The Unique DIY short tattoos quotes which makes your home more personality. Collect all DIY short tattoos quotes ideas on collar bone tattoo quotes, love tattoo quote to Personalize yourselves.

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My favorite poem is "I carry your heart with me" by e. cummings, and I would like the line "I carry your heart", I just can't decide where!

Can't go wrong with ee Cummings quotes!  Done by Stephen Barnard @ Fleshworks in Victoria, BC October 2010 #tattoo #eecummings

Can't go wrong with ee Cummings quotes! Done by Stephen Barnard @ Fleshworks in Victoria, BC October 2010

Shoulder Quote Tattoo - Tattoo Shortlist

she flies with her own wings - gonna get this saying with a colorful long plume feather. next tattoo. this sounds pretty

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"count every beautiful thing" There are two roses; one for my mother and one for my father who passed away a few years ago. The text is my mothers handwriting to remind me not to take things for granted in my life anymore. Count every beautiful thing.

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70 Awesome Shoulder Tattoos

“count every beautiful thing” quote and rose sketch tattoo inked on the left of collarbone. Let’s have a refresh of the quote by Jeff Mangum. You are absolutely worthy to own the tattoo if you fins the beauty on it.

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Love me for who I am. I love the quote but I'm afraid of butterflies so no thanks.

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Why do you want to get a tattoo? The answer varies from person to person. Yesterday a friend of mine told me that if he must make a tattoo, the tattoo pattern would be nothing but his girlfriend’s name. I was moved by his words. Then, I thought about making such a post. In fact, …

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tattoo word tattoo small tattoo shoulder tattoo ideas text back-don't forget to love yourself

shoulder tattoo, flower tattoo, rose tattoo, pretty pink coloring, flowers with a quote

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