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Simbolo Da Fisioterapia

Colar profissões fisioterapia.

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Novo Símbolo Internacional de Acessibilidade é adotado em Nova Iorque

Depois de vários anos de petições por mudança, designers da Gordon College, de Massachusetts, chegaram a uma alternativa à figura de um boneco sentado em uma cadeira de rodas. Sua nova personagem é dinâmica, inclinada para frente com os braços a postos.

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balancing act entertainment |

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MEDICAL ALPHABET.....add alphabet of cluelessness.

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Private physiotherapist - BrandingJuly 2014-The aim was to give a contemporary and young image to the physiotherapy.The curvature of the spine had come to give that logo some substance. Each letter is similar to a vertebra in order to build a real spi…

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"What is lack toast and tolerant?" The answers some people give!!! XD (click the pic and read for yourself) :) that person who said, "I dream about toast," I have no words for them...

Is it time for a new wheelchair access icon?

Is it time for a new w/c access icon? ~ Yes! This image is much more dynamic and needs to be standard! Please continue to share this.