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Sinal de gangue

Um gangue de cinco desconhecidos encapuzados fez explodir, esta quinta-feira de madrugada, uma caixa Multibanco, no Murtal, Parede, e fugiu com alguns milhares de euros.

En mars 2015, Bruno Claessens identifiait, sous le nom conventionnel de "Maître de la barbe cunéiforme", la main d'un artiste Téké d'une remarquable individualité (Claessens, A newly identified Teke sculptor: “the Master of the wedge-shaped beard”, in A la statue de l'ancienne collection Stephen Chauvet, présentée lors de la légendaire exposition African Negro Art (MoMA, 1935), s'ajoutent à son corpus éminemment restreint la sculpture conservée au musée…

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You’ve seen Instagrams of them in clothes that look very familiar. | 16 Signs Your Roommate Is Stealing From You

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While American educators and politicians push forward a narrative that we now live a in a post-racial society, signs and indicators that we are very far from that are always popping up. Things like racially-based income inequality, the staggering amount of non-white people in prison, and the amount of cases that deal with racially-fuled police brutality are all stark reminders that we are nowhere near a post-racial society. Here, we highlight 15 signs that racism still exists.

My dues were forgiven in full by another, yet no one else can forget them.

Coats Coat Coat Store covered in coats for novel sales scheme. denmark

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Banda enquanto gangue. Já ouviu o Big Moon, grupo de mulheres de Londres? | PopLoad

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立木 義浩 Yoshihiro Tatsuki

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Snoopy sees what he looks for (so do I!)... More

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