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Aula de Anatomia | Sistema Tegumentar

Sistema Tegumentar


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BN1637: Skin Layers

SEM of Human Skin. The top layer of the epidermis is composed of flattened, dead skin cells that form the surface of the skin. The dead cells from this layer are continuously being shed and replaced by cells from the living epidermal layer below it (red). The lowest layer (not seen here) is the dermis. The skin is the body's largest organ, accounting for around 15% of the body's weight. © Eye of Science/Science Source #sem #micrograph #skin #medical #sciencephotos #stockimages…

skin anatomy - Pesquisa Google


The Pantone Chart of Every Human Skin Color

The spectrum of skin tone (The Pantone Chart of Every Human Skin Color)


Skincare 101

I did not create Scratch Mommy (.com) to write only about making food in my scratch kitchen. Oh no, I am making loads of things from scratch these days, just like my all-purpose cleaner, deodorant (with NO baking soda), bug repellent, dusting spray, and more. I am also making healthy skincare products from scratch, including …


Human Integumentary System - Free Science Lesson Plans, Activities, Powerpoints, Interactive Games


The Integumentary System Quiz or Worksheet

Quiz or worksheet over the parts of the integumentary system for Anatomy. An answer key and word bank is included.


Human Physiology/Integumentary System - Wikibooks, open books for an open world