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Mango Blueberry Acai protein smoothie bowl topped with blackberries, toasted coconut flakes and chia seeds Gotta refuel these muscles after a killer gym session! #meals Today I'm thankful for an awesome trainer who really pushed me to perform my best!! Love that I'm feeling stronger every day. Such awesome motivation to keep going!! #mayhappyproject


Lunch 4 bananas, 6 strawberries,3 dates, pumpkin seeds, 1/2 avo with home made raw crackers and 1ltr watermelon juice! BY LONI JANE

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Smoothie #vegan noix de macadamia et banane (cacao cru ou ananas)

Macadamia nuts Smoothie #vegan in two versions ( raw cacao or pineapple)

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Citrus Ginger Infused Water

AGUAS FRESCAS! Presenting my FullyRaw Fruit-Infused Vitamin Waters! 4 NEW flavors and video here: Who's thirsty for some sweet deliciousness?!

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Orange PushUp Smoothie

Orange Push-Up Smoothie -A smoothie that tastes just like an old-fashioned Push-Up! Sweet, creamy and will make you feel like a kid again!!


Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait

Banana Chai Smoothie Parfait -


Great for your gut: Banana-Flax Smoothie {vegan}


Carrot, orange, cantaloupe smoothie. Vegan, Vegetarian, meatless.

HELLO, BLACKBERRY WALNUT SMOOTHIE Delish. Quick. Purple. This recipe tastes good and gives your body what it needs to keep going. I've got a mini island adventure to go on and I'm already late so I'm gonna leave this here for you to try out! I've been going through some SERIOUS shit in the past month. Jack and I broke up. I am utterly heart-broken. I am just starting the long, rugged journey of treating my mental illness. I feel ok sometimes, and hopeless sometimes. But the support..