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Cobalt Blue crystal Paperweight engraved with dragonflies


Frogman, Ziggy - Geckos by Tim Cotterill

Através de um humor light, o autor explora o lado cômico da existência, a partir do exato momento em que Deus, experimenta “criar o mundo”. As situações se complicam cada vez mais com o surgimento de Adão, Eva, Caim, o Papa, Freud, Darwin e muitos outros…

Anthares - Dragão


I love this odd picture! I might blow it up and hang it on my wall!


Your Glory Nothing But The Blood Chords - All Sons And Daughters - Guitar Chords, Transposed 3 Semitones Down

CD/DVD Roofing Concept

Instead of drilling holes. Use the center hole with those roofing nails that have a rounded plastic washer on them and the have ridges on the nail to help prevent "Creep" where the nail tends to come back out do to weather changes. I would also an appropriate sealant on each washer. Now you have NO holes. In windy conditions water defies gravity and will blow "up" and under...


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Crazy Pipes and Bongs 3

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Fused & Stained Glass Windchimes