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🌻 sorority sugar recruitment & bid day INSPIRATION for fall! 🌻

sorority sugar has a large collection of helpful advice, ideas and inspiration for formal recruitment. Get planning tips, clever sayings and "how-to" instructions for lots of rush related projects. Make your recruitment the best that it can be with these inspiring posts! <3 BLOG LINK:


💕 10 FUN ways to build stronger bonds & grow closer! 💕

Q: My chapter has recently had some problems with sisterhood. It just seems like we aren’t as connected as we should/used to be and there’s a lot of gossip that goes around behind each others backs....

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we got no troubles, life is the bubbles! under the sea AHHH SEE WHAT I DID THERE? 22, graduating with a bachelor's of science in nursing TOMORROW and still a proud little mermaid fan. what of it? ❤️ #usfca #futurepediatricnurse #gradcap

❤ sorority sugar guide to making Pref Night more meaningful! ❤

Preference Night should be more serious than your other rounds, but that doesn’t mean the party should be boring! Set an atmosphere of serenity, enchantment and elegance. Your PNMs are honored guests at your house for a very sincere event meant to result in your sorority being listed #1 on their final ranking cards. Here are some top tips to add extra meaning. <3 BLOG LINK:


Academic motivation! If a sister gets an A on a test, quiz, or project she turns her name in for a raffle. During formal chapter a winner is drawn and she gets to sit in the ‘smart cookie’ chair for the rest of the meeting and wins a free box of cookies too! ~Sorority Sugar