I loved the floors in person.  The Irish people's church seems so much more cheerful with these colorful tiles.  St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin" by David Soanes on - This is the historic St. Patrick's Cathedral, located in Dublin, Ireland.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
This was one of our favorite places-beautiful inside and outside.

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St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC- The most beautiful Church. We go every year at Christmas and light a candle.

Patrick's Cathedral NYC- Gothic Beauty and Old World Tradition shining in the midst of modernity

No one will fault you for taking the more traditional tourist route to sightseeing in Dublin, but when you’re done exploring St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Kilmainham Gaol Museum, and the Guinness Storehouse, take a journey to see the city's quirkier, less visited attractions. Care to see Napoleon's toothbrush or stroll through a car park to uncover the coolest street art? Follow our lead and visit these eight hidden gems in Dublin for a unique and unforgettable experience

8 Hidden Gems to Discover in Dublin

awesome No one will fault you for taking the more traditional tourist route to sightseei.

st. patrick's cathedral. This historic cathedral that began construction 1858 is located in midtown Manhattan and boasts beautiful stained glass, organs with a total of 9,838 pipes, and a massive vaulted ceiling. Guided tours are free of charge.

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St Patrick's Cathedral Fifth Avenue New York City, NY 10022 Neighborhood: Midtown Manhattan

Fit for the Pope: St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown Finally | Companies | Interior Design

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown Finally Restored

The beautiful, historic St Patrick's Cathedral #CClovesNYC

Beautiful, historic St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, New York, completed in 1878 and designated a National Historic Landmark.