The Kyuzo were a sentient species with yellow eyes and green skin. They were fast and high jumpers. Kyuzo also spoke their native language. The species was known for having highly capable warriors, who had very high standards of honor.


Embo was a male Kyuzo bounty hunter during the Clone Wars. He carried a bowcaster and wore a large-rimmed circular hat, which he used as a weapon or a shield.

The alien species Caamasi from the planet of Caamas.


The Caamasi (pronounced/kɑɑ'mɑsi/) were a sentient mammalian species of furred humanoids known.

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The Quarren or Qarren, were one of several aquatic sentient species from the planet Dac, called.

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Teemo the Hutt was a crime lord in the Hutt Cartel with operations based from his palace in Mos.