Chris Evans | Captain Adorable <3<3<3 -B.R. Mmm look at those eyelashes

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How is this man an actual human being

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Steve Rogers on a motorcycle...Sooo this movies basically made my ovaries explode.

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Words cannot describe how excited I am for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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GAH! This quote fits him so well tbh. As much as "not a perfect soldier but a good man" fits the Doctor tbh ;))))

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*90 year old golden retriever walks in with a plate of freshly baked cookies and asks what is wrong*

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Hi,My name is Steve Rodgers and i'm well i don't know how old i am.but i'm single,most people know me as Captain America,and my friends are Bucky Barnes,and yeah

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Damn gotta change my life choices cause I know I'd be getting some of those eyebrows of disappointment right now

''You're almost to the section on the secret supermax prison hidden underneath the ocean!'' OMG. / Captain America : Civil War

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Steve Rogers' Notebook More

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