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Southern Style Lima Beans With Bacon – Lima Beans are a common side dish in our household, but there's just one small catch. You see, my husband was raised in the Deep South & well... Let me just say this, lima beans (& any other pea/bean, for that matter) do NOT come from a can! EVER. They really are worth the extra effort, & taste SO much better this way!

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All-American Holiday Recipes

Lima Bean and Sweet Pepper Gratin | This butter bean gratin is “an ode to the marriage of Southern vegetables and French know-how, ” says Hugh Acheson.


Sunday was Earth Day and it’s also National Poetry Month! So, yesterday as a part of the ongoing festivities for poetry month, the storytime theme was “Poetry in Nature”. After reading a few poetic books about nature and the world, we made a “Plant a Poem, Plant a Flower” craft. One part grown in the library, the other to be cared for and grown at home. And then we sang “Kumbaya”. Kidding.

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How to Plant Beans With Proper Spacing

Proper spacing of bean plants is important for maximum bean yields and ease of care and picking. Bush beans form mounds almost as wide as they are tall, with beans produced within the canopy of the ...

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What Plants Grow Well with Sunflowers?

Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.) bloom duing summer and autumn, luring butterflies. In a practice known as companion planting, it's possible to help other plants by growing them alongside these ...


Para dar energia, nosso café da manhã é sempre reforçado! Como está o #projetolindaoanotodo de vocês? #bomdia #elacosmeticos #mundodela


We like our smoothies green . Lime, coconut and kiwi smoothie made with a big scoop of raw green powder, our staple @naturalrawc coconut water, spirulina sprinkles and a layer of overnight vanilla lemon oats. Since I eat my smoothies with a spoon I figured oats belong in there too