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Sunday was Earth Day and it’s also National Poetry Month! So, yesterday as a part of the ongoing festivities for poetry month, the storytime theme was “Poetry in Nature”. After reading a few poetic books about nature and the world, we made a “Plant a Poem, Plant a Flower” craft. One part grown in the library, the other to be cared for and grown at home. And then we sang “Kumbaya”. Kidding.

Southern Style Lima Beans With Bacon – Lima Beans are a common side dish in our household, but there's just one small catch. You see, my husband was raised in the Deep South & well... Let me just say this, lima beans (& any other pea/bean, for that matter) do NOT come from a can! EVER. They really are worth the extra effort, & taste SO much better this way!

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All-American Holiday Recipes

Lima Bean and Sweet Pepper Gratin | This butter bean gratin is “an ode to the marriage of Southern vegetables and French know-how, ” says Hugh Acheson.

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What Plants Grow Well with Sunflowers?

Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.) bloom duing summer and autumn, luring butterflies. In a practice known as companion planting, it's possible to help other plants by growing them alongside these ...


Simple Pasta Flower Craft

Simple flower craft


Bundle Pencil Eraser stamping - Stamp flowers and Grape bunches | Craft To Art


Preschool Earth Day "earth" craft. We glued the colored template onto a recycled cereal box, tore the cardstock into pieces and glued onto template. We talked about the plantet name, what things live on the land & in the water. We used a hole punch to make holes on each side of box and tied yarn through the holes to hang. If suggest small pictures of fish/sharks/whales to put into the water and maybe stick people, flowers & trees to put on the land. Very versatile for different aged kids


Criss-Cross Applesauce: Earth Day Suncatcher


Earth Day Handprints Eco-friendly Craft for Kids