Sun side

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solar tattoo finger                                                               .... *** Learn even more by visiting the picture

If you want to flaunt elegant sun tattoos along with some celestial elements, check out our all exclusive collection of sun tattoo ideas.

Intricate Sun Designs

Intricate Sun Designs

That is one I can so see me and my sister getting :)                                                                                                                                                      More

30 Charming Sun Tattoo Designs

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Sunflower tattoo. You are my sunshine tattoo. Shoulder tattoo. Quote tattoo. Flower tattoo..

45 Inspirational Sunflower Tattoos

My mother always sang this song to me. She is always my sunshine when it feels as if everything else is cloudy and grey. Her favorite flower is the sunflower. My tattoo in memory of the most influential person in my life.

If I were ever to get a tattoo for my sisters... this would represent Emily. my parents always called her sunshine.      Google Image Result for

Low cognitive effort- all of these symbols are clear, they mean the sun. In weather when you see them you know it will be a hot sunny day. The sun doesn't even really look like any of these yet we know it stands for the sun