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How to Grow Sweet Peas

How to Grow Gorgeous Sweet Peas, it is so easy and the payoff is oh so sweet!

Gran and Grandpa loved their sweet peas. THey grew over a large wall of the egg packing shed. Fed by chook manure they were always plentiful and the scent still takes me right back to those days. - My Cottage Garden

Get In The Frame

Not only are these lovely willow climber frames terribly pretty but, with four in a set, they are great value too. Use them for sweet peas, beans, clematis or any other climber.

The Trials of a Sweet Pea Addict

The trials of a sweet pea addict. Some shots of just a few of the 100 varieties of sweet pea growing at Floret Flower Farm.

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Rich velvety maroon blooms make 'Beaujolais' a very popular sweet pea. Place this large-flowered dark beauty in a conspicuous area or let it climb through a silver-leaved shrub to display it for fu.

10 Tips to Growing Your Best Sweet Peas Ever

James currently works full time as sole gardener in a large private family garden in Hertfordshire. As a teenager, he took an honours degree in Landscape Management at The University of Reading, with a gap year spent working on trials forRead this artice

Sweet Peas are a cottage garden classic producing beautiful blooms with the most gorgeous scent. You can train them onto a plant support to create a really impressive column of fragrant, summer colour, and they make excellent cut flowers.