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Palavra Família escrita em árabe

Palavra FAMÍLIA escrita em árabe, A-ILA - عائلة

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Palavra Fé escrita em árabe

Palavra FÉ escrita em árabe, IMAN - إيمان

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Palavra Meu Amor escrita em árabe


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Forever الا الأبد "The things that change are not our real life. Within us there… Mais

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Palavra Maktub escrita em árabe

Palavra MAKTUB escrita em árabe - مكتوب

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'love' in Arabic Mais

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vida em árabe!

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maktub arabic calligraphy - Pesquisa Google

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"The soul will never become pious and purified except through undergoing afflictions. It is the same as gold that can never be pure except after removing all the base metals in it." ~ Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah

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