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A Positive Spin on Negative Space by Tang Yau Hoong


'Love is finding that someone you can hold emotionally and physically. Someone who will be there to help pick up the pieces when everything falls apart.”


Coexist... seriously though. What is the point of being enemies? We're all just humans existing at the same time, trying to live and be happy. Why does anyone have to be right or wrong? Just try to understand each other, and even if you can't, get over it!


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when one door closes another one opens, but in the meantime the hallway is very dark - Google Search

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Ashtanga Yoga I What is Yoga I Role of Yoga in Wellness

Yoga has become and is very essential to my daily spiritual practice (Sadhana) often thought of as "spiritual exercise or fitness" When Kundalini (energy) is practiced, this opens up a whole new arena of self~ love and connection to the divine, higher self, and God (love). Namaste