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Línguas célticas sobrevivem em áreas do noroeste da Europa. Na Irlanda e na Escócia, fala-se o goidélico. O gaélico é a forma moderna dessa língua. Outras formas de línguas célticas, chamadas britônicas, são também faladas no País de Gales e na Cornualha, sudoeste da Inglaterra. O bretão, outra língua céltica, é falado na Bretanha, noroeste da França.

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yourgoodvibes: AWEN This is the sign known as Awen, which is said to be the name by which the universe calls God inwardly. The Awen is said to represent the letters OIU, from which all the others are obtained. The O relates to the perfect circle of Gwynvyd, the I to the mortal world, Abred, and the U to the cauldron of Annwn. they relate to earth, sea and air; body, mind and spirit; and love, wisdom and truth. The word Awen also means not only this combination of letters but inspiration…

Caim by KenSkeckleLetterpress - for when we need to be reminded that we are, or deserve to be, safe and loved. Letterpress printed broadsheet, with a deep impress, on creamy 110 # cotton card stock. [Please keep artwork credit and original link if reusing or repinning. Thanks!]

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Community Post: 21 Beautiful Irish Language Words Everyone Needs In Their Life

21 Beautiful Irish Language Words Everyone Needs In Their Life

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beautiful....possibly my next tattoo...writing is "rise from the ashes" in Gaelic

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Awen - Símbolos celtas - En gaélico significa inspiración. Este símbolo representa la armonía entre lo opuesto. Cada uno de los dibujos de los extremos representan la dualidad, y la raya que se encuentra en el medio simboliza la armonía entre ellos.

Símbolos celtas para tatuajes

Los símbolos celtas tienen ciertas particularidades que los vuelven excelentes para los tatuajes: son simples, tienen gran atractivo visual y sus significados suelen ser sumamente interesantes. Son símbolos muy antiguos, con fascinantes historias detrás y con cierto aire...arcano, místico o mágico. Precisamente po

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Gaelic:"Throughout the ages, beyond time, my love." You know this is true. Regardless of the circumstances. For another thousand years.

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"adventure" in irish (gaelic) More

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Volleyball design

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