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// Pintar uma casa ou reformar algum ambiente exige paciência e conhecimento específico sobre técnicas de pintura. A escolha da tinta ideal é a maior...

Imagem extremamente bela e graciosa de expressão corporal.


Campeã Bárbara Evans, revela o que irá fazer com o prêmio de R$ 2 milhões - A Fazenda - Rede Record


Message from Gunnar L:Dear Contributors and Friends of ~ Andrea A Elisabeth ✿ I…

This piece was created in 2003 when I first started thinking about doing larger full body work. I revised all the black and red last year so I could hang it up in my work station here at @rockofagestattoo I have saved some openings towards the end of this year and beginning of 2016 to start some new projects of this scale. If you are interested in getting a large full body scale tattoo from me I have set up a specific email please send an email with your ideas and…

A map of the open country of a woman's heart.


I will be answering to all emails tonight! Thank you for all of your bookings and thank you for your patience ✌️looking forward to hearing your ideas and making a booking! Your support means the world! Send over an email to enquire or make a booking about a tattoo! I will pick it up tonight!

União Libertária Animal - Comer, um ato político e revolucionário.