notSoBigTease with a teasing brush, hair spray and boar bristle brush for a smooth finish

Pretty Simple :: The Not-So-Big Tease

Are you teasing your hair the right way? These tips and tricks will make sure you're doing it right. Here's how to tease for more volume!

How to Tease Your Hair (The Right Way!)

Tuesday Tutorial: How to Tease Your Hair (The Right Way!) - I don't really like to put hair spraying products in my hair but I also dislike my flat looking hair.

How To Tease And Fluff Your Hair | Pinterest Tutorials - I don't really get the point of teasing hair but this could he helpful sometime?

Beauty Tutorials: Hair tutorials - Teasing Hair - I want to know how you get the "tease" out - w/out losing hair.

How to tease your hair and get voluminous Brigitte Bardot Hair!  | Half Updo Hairstyles Hair Tutorial

Learn how to make a voluminous, half-up, half--down updo, Brigitte Bardot hair style. Everyday hairstyles tutorial video for medium long hair.

Great tutorial: The top knot. I'm growing my hair and bangs out. This is my go-to style right now! So fast, easy, and pretty. You can dress it up with a headband (or 2) or go much more casual by really keeping it messy after you tease the ponytail.

Top Knot Bun ~ Hair Tutorial (she: Katie

The top knot! This is honestly the only way the top knot style works with my hair. Perfect for thin hair!

OMG love this! My hair doesn't tease but it totally worked this way! obsessed!

How To Tease Hair and STAY All Day! Straighten, tease as usual, spray, flat iron teases and brush out!

How To Tease Your Hair.. Probably The best teasing vid I've found.

How To Tease Your Hair. Probably The best teasing video I've found.I love a massive tease! lol The higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven!

She's good! Definitely my favorite hair tutorial girl! This is how people should tease their hair!

Today i show you how i tease my hair! :) I have added a few of my tips and tricks so i really hope it helps you out if you were having trouble with it before.

This is an EXCELLENT tutorial on how to tease your hair correctly and successfully!

Learn How To Tease Your Hair: Tips from Nathaniel Hawkins

7 Tips to Tease Your Hair. This is an excellent tutorial on how to tease your hair correctly and successfully!

How to Tease Your Hair | Beauty Bets

Hair style Vintage Modern Beauty Shop Hair Styling Magazine Makeup been wearing my hair this way for years, I love big hair