The crystal palace

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Victorian ladies inside the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace is a metal and glass structure located in the Jardines del Retiro in Madrid (Spain). It was built in 1887 for the Exposition of the Philippines, held that year. It was inspired by the Crystal Palace, Paxton (U.K.).

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London's Crystal Palace, built for the world fair of 1851

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Crystal Palace interior

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The Crystal Palace - site of the vast Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park, London.

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Egyptian Court inside the Crystal Palace, London. Early 1900's.

O Palácio de Cristal era originalmente localizada em Hyde Park, Londres, mas após a exposição, foi transferida para Sydeham Hill em 1855.

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Vitória-régia is a flower like a lotus, but Brazilian. Pantanal - Mato Grosso do Sul

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Inside The Crystal Palace | Corrupt Autopilot

More history. Originally erected 1851 in Hyde Park to house the Great Exhibition. Crystal Palace, Joseph Paxton, London, England.

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