(2014-02-28) Lunatic Tarot - The Fool: "The Fool is a powerful card because its possibilities all start in nothingness and reach into infinity." ~keen.com

Lunatic Tarot - The Fool Sacred Rose Tarot - The Fool 0 - The Fool (Tarot Card) The Fool Tarot Card. †he fool Tarot

The Fool ( Tarot Card ) by erikemiranda.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

My version for the The Fool, the card 0 of the standart tarot. "The Egg is the sum of Zero. He who is hard outside, and soft inside. The Fool is the egg. The Fool ( Tarot Card )

The Fool Tarot | Great Curations | http://www.pinterest.com/eilmeehan/

Tarot art – The Fool

Steampunk Tarot Card: The Fool by Tiabryn71

Ever wondered what the tarot card The Fool actually means? It’s pretty sure not what the name implies. Read on to know The Fool tarot card meaning.