The Good Shepherd is Nathan Greene's second in a series of paintings featuring Christ with a little lamb. This portrayal shows the joy of Jesus in caring for His little lambs. A little lamb needs more than just being held--it needs to be carried.

"The Good Shepherd" -- by Nathan Greene [I like this image. Not only has Christ gone to find the lost lamb, he has found and rejoices in bringing back the black sheep -- the one, in our culture, that doesn't fit in.

Great LDS handouts and helps for Primary 2 Lesson 23: Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd

Lesson 23: Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd

Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world have mercy on us. I am the good shepherd, a good shepherd lays down His life for HIS sheep.

His sheep are safe with him.  He is the Good Shepherd. He will lose not a one!

My sheep hear my voice.-when I first met my guy and heard his voice and knew it was he whom my soul loved. thank you God for sending me my soulmate.I am happy and grateful.

'The Good Shepherd'  (ca. 1926-1927) by N.C. Wyeth by Plum leaves, via Flickr

The Good Shepherd ca. 1926 / 1927 Oil on canvas, 45 x 40 in. x cm) - Gift of an anonymous Trustee, 1959 - probably conceived as one of The Parables of Jesus series, commissioned by Robert Winsor of the Unitarian Laymen's League, Boston

The Kingdom of God is Like This: God's Supernatural Hand During Crisis

I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. John (Painting: The Rescue by Nathan Greene)

Jesus is the Good Shepherd  Bible coloring page

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