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Thor Racing

#Marvel can’t keep it “Loki” anymore. The studio has finally released a synopsis for the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok,” and it turns out the rumors are true: #Thor will fight The #Hulk.The summary reveals that Thor (#Chris Hemsworth) will become imprisoned without his hammer and will have to race back to #Asgard to save it from being destroyed by new villain Hela. The problem is that first he’s got to go through a “deadly gladiatorial contest” and face

Thor was trying to stop what looked like an alien invasion of Earth. As it turned out, it was actually a race of aliens who had lost their world and had been kept in cryogenics until they found a new planet. The lead ship in their fleet would move them in various directions while its computer tried to find said new world for them.

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Rush Chris Hemsworth at his most beautiful!@Jenny Bonanno click on picture the trailer is attached!! :)

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WEB LUXO - Carros de Luxo: Novo XC90 estará na etapa brasileira da Volvo Ocean Race

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Vingadores ganham armaduras incríveis em novas artes de fã! - Legião dos Heróis

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Acid Betty, Bob the Drag Queen, Thorgy Thor #TeamNYC

Bota Thor Ratchet $599.00

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Etsy If You're Nasty

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In Norse mythology, Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility.

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