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This is a quick and easy formative assessment to quickly assess if your students are learning what they need to. The teacher asks a question and students used a hand signal to show their understanding.

Hand Signals

SWAT/Military hand signals- the funny thing is, after spending 21 yrs in the army, i find this pin to be totally accurate. Read it, you'll get it.

Freebie Clipart!! 15 images of thumbs up and down hand signals for personal or commercial use :)

Free Clipart from Creative Clips Digital Clipart! Personal and commercial use allowed. This set has 15 crisp images color images and 2 black and white versions). All files are in png formats.

Body Language Secrets --------but I hang my thumbs outside my pocket and I don't feel superior. Any other thoughts?

Body Language Secrets

Funny pictures about Body Language Secrets. Oh, and cool pics about Body Language Secrets. Also, Body Language Secrets photos.

Was curious, curiosity didn't kill the cat this time.

Was curious, curiosity didn't kill the cat this time.

Tactical Hand Signals - preparation for the Zombie appocalypse (:Tap The LINK NOW:) We provide the best essential unique equipment and gear for active duty American patriotic military branches, well strategic selected.We love tactical American gear

Individuals who carry a handgun are attuned to the mannerisms that can indicate a concealed weapon. Others, too, can learn these signals.

How to Spot a Concealed Handgun

Help Policeman Ben direct traffic by making your own traffic signs! #policemanben #theworkers

MOVEMENT: great way to integrate dance with a unit on community helpers. For Community Helpers Unit. use signs to play freeze dance. Yellow = dancing in slow motion.

Raise your hand if you can't wait for tomorrow! ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋ pictures, gifs, videos, HD. ✋✋✋✋✋✋

Sign Language print, except doesn't look like sign language to me. Just appears to be hand-drawn hand gestures in a repetitive pattern. Interesting and could look funny/campy covering an entire fabric sample.

AWKWARD: Bill Clinton Rolls Window Up when Asked, ‘How’s Monica?’

AWKWARD: Bill Clinton Rolls Window Up when Asked, ‘How’s Monica?’

HAND JIVE poster infographic shoes some more hand signals adopted by Hearing cultures in America but are not understood to mean the same thing in other areas; this warns you where to avoid them as it could be some serious trouble for ya! *Not "Sign Language" just gestures to take note of :)

7 Common Hand Gestures That Could Spell Disaster [Infographic]

Hand Jive: Top 7 Common American Hand Gestures That Can Get You In Trouble Abroad infographic

Classroom Hand Signal Signs: Have students SHOW YOU what they need using hand signals!  Editable classroom hand signals...these will improve classroom management!

Hand Signal Signs {Chalkboard Theme}

Have students show you what they need using special hand signals! Post these signs in your classroom to remind students of your secret hand signals. Pencil Restroom Water Tissue Question/Help Thumbs Up: I'm Done Thumbs Down: Need help!

HAND SIGNALS photo | Heath Ledger....loved him! So sad...

Heath Ledger

A loving tribute to Elvis Presley Kurt Cobain Michael Hutchence Steve Irwin Heath Ledger and the young daughters they left behind who have or .

Number Talks Posters: Hand Signals and Communication

Number Talks Posters: Hand Signals and Communication

I used a similar thumbs up/down/sideways for kids' math understanding. It worked with one group of kids, but not with another group. It really depends on your group.