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Okay, that's it. Toby Turner needs to be my new best friend..... seriously. With the him and the me and the meeting.... that all needs to happen.... like today. :)

(gif) basically every fangirls life

Toby Turner is cute and I don't care what you think! Look at that face. <3

Toby "TOBUSCUS!" Turner. Possibly one of the most attractive nerd/goofballs ever. In his words, hothothothotototototot.

#Awesome picture of #TobyTurner / #Tobuscus !! :) his magical sayings. @Lydbuscus815

Toby Turner aka TOBUSCUS. My youtube crush of all time.

hot hot hot hot, & he's just trying to be funny how does he not know how hot he is...

Toby i swear to god we are like half brothers or something because we are exaclty alike

Tobuscus Just a Girly Thing parody #Tobuscus #TobyTurner #YouTube