Christmas card idea... Sooo cute <3

Christmas card books - free printable for you to make your own to save Christmas cards Christmas card idea cuuuuute Family photo idea!

Merry Christmas: Young Child/Toddler Reading "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" Christmas Card Photo Idea

15 Unique Christmas Card Photo Ideas

2013 Christmas kids photo, Creative picture idea of Christmas, baby girl is reading a book photo for 2013 Christmas

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful #photography.

Maysen loves our tree. she stands in front of it saying Wow. What you can't see - she's wearing long johns and the butt flap is down! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

My tree *never* looks like this - but I do love the picture!

December Baby Names

I will have a photo like this one day! Love Christmas, love kids, the most wonderful time of the year. Just may make it on a Christmas card?

Newborn Baby, Toddler Christmas Holiday Picture Ideas | Chic & Cheap Nursery™

This would be such a cute picture for in the bathroom during Christmas time! Toddler Bathtime Santa Picture Idea - make a Santa beard with bubbles Christmas card done!