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Reflexoterapia Técnica milenaria de la China!! Cierra los ojos y relajate. Es todo lo que tienes que hacer para disfrutar de un rico masaje en los pies. Durante la terapia, con el dedo pulgar y el índice, se realiza una serie de presiones digitales, ejerce estímulos, movilizaciones y toques específicos en las zonas reflejas de la parte del cuerpo sobre la que se esté realizando la reflexoterapia.

Hat & Pacifier SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS FOOTBALL Baby Boys or Girls Green, Black and White Flower can be removed for boys - 6 Months


Toe touch stretch! Do you want your toe touches higher? Do this stretch everyday! For beginners go as close to the wall as you can! Don't give up:) For a more of an advanced stretch push yourself all the way to the wall but if you can't have someone push you!! Good luck loves!


Steps to getting your middle split, do it everyday if you really want it


I love doing actually works

Filhotes são tão lindos

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Check Out These Tips for Perfect Toe Touches

How Cheerleaders Can Perfect Their Toe Touches