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A sorta fairytale - Tori Amos

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there's not a lot of me left anymore

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Tori Amos wants to say something about what she wants... or doesn't want

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tori amos

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Show Me Your Riffs: A Love Letter to Sleater-Kinney and Reproductive Rights. "In high school, my friend Jess made me a mix tape with Sleater-Kinney’s “Dig Me Out” on it, alongside some Tori Amos and some Smoking Popes. We played that thing into the ground, listening to it in my 1988 Saab as we zipped around ..."

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'My finger traced your heart onto a window and a tear dropped as it faded away.'

The Art of Neil Gaiman

A poem Neil wrote for Amanda and read aloud at her concert at the Sydney Opera House in 2011

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one of my favorite quotes, by jeanette winterson

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Tori Amos and Michael Stipe. damn they're cool. Especially together.

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Joni Mitchell - Oh I could drink a case of you darling and I would sill be on my feet, oh I would still be on my feet.

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