Toronto..Super place with great nightlife .. next visit will be great to see more people  in the city and soak in the atmosphere  .. not a good idea to visit during a sars outbreak haha!

Toronto city guide: bars, shopping and restaurants

one of the city guides from design sponge, love the links to the individual listings

Toronto travel guide: recommendations for art galleries, tourist attractions, restaurants - from Design*Sponge

Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America, Geography, Building

Toronto City Hall - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (often used as a backdrop in movies to represent futuristic cities)

.~CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canadá, 1973 — 1976 | José Miguel Hernández Hernández~.

CN Tower in Toronto. I had a panic attack when visiting the glass floor level! 100 degrees, humidity, way too much partying on this trip!

Love this photo of Toronto's City Hall. From the City of Toronto Archives, poster to "Toronto of the 1970s" on

Viljo Revell, Toronto City Hall, « Viljo Revell's design has functional drawnbacks - splitting a minucipal bureaucracy in two makes little organisational sense - but the building and its popular plaza have become a Toronto icon.

Multi-coloured Toronto sign staying put after Pan Am

The giant, multi-coloured Toronto sign installed at Nathan Phillips Square for the Pan Am Games will be staying in the city long after the sporting.