Paper Plate Toucan Craft:  (You just need 1 paper plate! Wowzers!)

Paper Plate Toucan Craft

Pink Stripey Socks: Paper Plate Toucan Craft Paper Plate Toucan Craft: (You just need 1 paper plate!

We’ve been learning about different animals and their habitats this week and are currently onto the rainforest. One of our favorite rainforest animal is the Toucan which is the inspiration for todays craft! This Toucan craft is so fun and simple to make using handprints, acrylics or watercolor paints, and some card stock paper. Handprint Toucan …

Handprint Toucan Craft For Kids

Handprint Toucan Craft for Kids Here’s a fun hand-print craft. Why not make this with your child?

Dreaming of a jungle adventure? This Tropical Toucan Crafts is a great idea for jungle animal crafts for kids. Tropical themed crafts like these make fun and colorful decorations for the classroom or the refrigerator!

Tropical Toucan Crafts

Head on a kids' crafting journey with these animal craft ideas! 4 Zoo Animal Crafts for Kids to Make has the best (and most affordable) projects.

Button Toucan craft with free printable template- arts

Button crafts are so much fun. My daughter just got a new shirt for the summer with a colorful toucan on the front. This has quickly…Continue Reading…

Colorful, twirling parrots! A beautiful animal art project!

Colorful and Fun Twirling Parrot Craft

Colorful and fun twirling parrot craft for kids. Great bird craft for a jungle theme unit, fun kids crafts and jungle crafts for kids.