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Vertical tragus piercing! OMG! I love finding piercings that I've never seen before and getting them:)


Vertical Tragus Piercing jewelry?

my double tragus / surface tragus / vertical tragus piercing


Finishing up the night with a little side burn surface piercing….that I love *almost* as much as this girls rad naturally pointed ears. Some people have all the luck! #safepiercing, #anatometal , #saintsabrinas


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Fresh 16g vertical tragus surface piercing with 3mm prong set CZ gems that I just got to do. Jewelry from Anatometal.


vertical tragus piercing. Already have one! Think I'll get this on the other side!! :)

love surface piercings! vertical tragus. Edit: Got this pierced today, was informed by piercer this is actually called a surface anti-tragus:) good to know!