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At 5:29 pm, June 4, 2008, photos were taken of Travis Alexander in the shower. One minute later, a photo was timestamped showing Travis body slumped on the shower floor with a bloody gash. More photos were captured revealing Travis Alexander's body as it appeared to be dragged through a hallway. All of these photos occurred within minutes of each other. Jodi Arias tried to ditch the camera in the washing machine.

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Travis Alexander Justice 2013 - Memorial

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I don't really know where to pin this.. But I love it!!! Vikings cast out of character & costume. What a good looking bunch!!! Travis Fimmel , Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen & Alexander Ludwig.

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Travis Fimmel with Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, and Clive Standen | TV Guide yacht for San Diego Comic Con 2015

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Comic-Con: coleção de retratos com 50 principais produções da edição 2016


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Why does he look so attractive with this haircut...and that sweater, so smexy.

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Vikings - A frota retorna para Kattegat para descobrir as trágicas conseqüências que os esperam.

Jodi Arias

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Part 2: Post Mortem of Travis Alexander : Warning Graphic Forensic Content

The crime scene evidence also shows that it was NOT the TRUE CRIME SCENE where Travis Alexander was held captive and tortured for several days and his eventual murder. Description from I searched for this on

Remembering Travis Alexander

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