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Pastor Alemão

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Pastor Alemão – saiba tudo sobre essa raça!

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Czechoslovakian Vlcak .Esta raça extremamente nova foi descoberta em 1955, quando os pastores alemães foram criados junto com os lobos.

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Pastor Alemão Mais

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Tudo sobre a raça Pastor Alemão

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Como adestrar um Pastor Alemão | Tudo sobre Adestramento de cães

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“Tyrants preserve themselves by sowing fear and mistrust among the citizens by means of spies, by distracting them with foreign wars, by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action…” ... Aristotle

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Pastor Alemão – saiba tudo sobre essa raça!

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The Illegitimate Pope: Election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis was contaminated by lobbying in violation of papal laws -

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O pastor alemão é freguês do vira-lata brasileiro

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