I just want to tickle it!  Credit: Antonio Olmos Need a face lift? A naked mole rat

The world's ugliest animals - in pictures

The Naked Mole Rat. one of the most talked about animals in our house! Quite often accidentally called the naked role mat!

Aye-aye This gremlin-looking creature, called an Aye-aye, is actually a primate found in Madagascar.

13 of the ugliest animals on the planet

Aye-aye is a lemur, a strepsirrhine primate native to Madagascar that combines rodent-like teeth that perpetually grow and a special thin middle finger. It is the world's largest nocturnal primate. A bit scary but I find it cute!

Ugly Animal List | UGLYANIMALSOC.COM » Black-crested macaque – Aberdeen mascot

female Celebes Crested Macaques, in oestrous, every days (advertising their fertility). Can you imagine that happening to you almost once a month?

God definitely has a sense of humor!

5 Great Snoots of the Animal Kingdom

IMPERILED PRIMATES: The peculiar proboscis monkey is just one of the endangered animals unique to mangrove forests.what a nose!

Secret To Happiness: Good humor, kindness, relentless optimism, and a long floppy nose-like facial appendage.

The 25 Happiest Animals In The World

This Elephant Seal-Secret To Happiness: Good humor, kindness, relentless optimism, and a long floppy nose-like facial appendage. This guy loves everything I can tell by the look in his eyes

Final Stretch - About to give birth and looks as grumpy and miserable as any woman in her last trimester.

10 Pregnant Animals That Know How You Feel - mom.me This cat cracks me up! She is sooooo not happy lol

Tarsier, the smallest living primate in the world, is found only in the Philippines.

Philippines Travel Locations - The Best Tourist Spots in the Philippines!

Re: Pinner's comment: Tarsier in Bohol, Philippines- is an endangered species. "This is the smallest monkey in the world". This is not a monkey, it belongs to the primate order, but is in the tarsier family.

Ugly Dog 04

Britain’s Ugliest Dog Looks Remarkably Like Britain’s Ugliest People poor pup

Hairless cat. So ugly it's cute.                              …

Dad Won’t Leave Mama’s Side As Their Kids Are Being Born

Ok so hairless cats aren't typically cute. But this cat- adorable! I would get a hairless cat based off of this!

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Ugly By Nature: The World's 13 Ugliest Animals

Beautiful adorable Llama Wallpapers to set as your background wallpaper picture. This Llamas wallpapers app has a huge number of adorable and cute Llama

Ocelot.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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What is an ocelot? An ocelot is a small rare big cat. They are found in jungle areas. They are some of the only cats that enjoy going in to .


The 20 weirdest fish in the ocean

The blobfish is not as strange under water as it is on the surface. The lack of pressure causes the fishes body to collapse over its sides.