no matter how bad my makeup is, it cat be worse than this.

11 Worst Makeup Disasters - makeup fails, ugly makeup

Some of the most disastrous attempts at putting on makeup ever witnessed - Extreme Makeup Fails

Real women post their bad makeup pictures on the Internet. Keep reading to see pictures of ugly makeup.

Worst Makeup Pics on the Internet

And here I thought makeup was suppose to make you look better. Silly me. I do like the top right one idk why

Make-up failure  12 Worst Makeup Disasters -

11 Worst Makeup Disasters - makeup fails, ugly makeup

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17 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

17 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

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TOP 15 Worst Makeup Pictures I give up. These Make-up Photos have finished Me Off. See These 15 Pictures of Crazy, Ugly, Strange and Funny Makeup.

Worst Eyebrows Ever! Funny how improving the hairy patches seems to be so difficult. Ya sure givin' us good fodder to post bad eyebrows and fashion fails!

Imaginative makeup art…ain't nobody got time for that!

Imaginative makeup art…

Funny pictures about Imaginative makeup art. Oh, and cool pics about Imaginative makeup art. Also, Imaginative makeup art.

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The Worst Eyebrows Vol. II: 23 More Fashion Disasters

More of the Worst Eyebrows Ever! Put yer eye on more of the Worst Eyebrows Ever! Face it, these are some pretty bad make-up jobs!