Whether your once new and celebrated furniture inevitably fades, or you're just looking to add some flair to your decor, upholstery is the perfect way to customize. But, it can be seriously tricky to know how much fabric you need. Luckily, our trusty guide will ensure you buy the correct yardage for any type of furniture.

The Ultimate Guide to Customizing Your Furniture With Upholstery

Great tutorial for how to upholster chair corners

Great tutorial for how to upholster chair corners. I'm always reupholstering something and this always works! Makes a clean corner!

Tips & tricks for piping perfectionists – StraightGrain

Piping: clip corner for a cleaner turn (here in the picture is the original Pfaff or Janome invisible zipper foot).

Upholstering Instructions at Better Homes and Gardens. In a nutshell: Strip the chair of its original fabric and use the pieces as pattern. Then pin the pieces wrong sides out onto the chair. Remove pinned cover and sew it together, with welting reinforcing the seams. Put sewn cover back on the chair. It should fit like a glove!

Common Upholstery Techniques

Common Upholstery Techniques If you have basic sewing skills, you can master these common upholstering techniques.

With deep button tufting, use a hole saw attachment to remove the foam beneath the buttons.

Drill holes or more larger than button. Will allow fabric & button to look better for diamond tufted upholstery

What a great visual on stitching across the stitches of a leather strap!

costura coiro seu leather it literally never occurred to me to stitch across stitches for a handle finishing. a picture is worth a million

deep teal, indian blue, warmed navy, camel, seafoam, cream, ivory, tan

Pied-A-Terre Sofa, Judarn

Roundup of beginner, DIY tools for upholstery.

DIY Tools: Upholstery

Basic upholstery is another great DIY skill. I just finished re-covering two chairs for my family room. It was one of the few upholstery project I have done. Most my earlier re-covering efforts .

Tutorial for how to create a button tufted ottoman.

Drill holes in foam for an easier way to get everyone's favorite furniture trend

DIY Upholstered Ottoman. Instructions here: http://newlywedmcgees.blogspot.com/2012/08/diy-upholstered-ottoman.html

DIY Upholstered Coffee Table Ottoman: This upholstered coffee table ottoman looks so beautiful and awesome and adds more comfort and style to your living space!

UPCYCLING :: Take and old suitcase & a few upholstery skills & you have yourself a unique chair  i♥ thisss

Katie Thompson’s Recycled Furniture

Cool idea for my grandma's old suitcase. UPCYCLING :: Take and old suitcase & a few upholstery skills & you have yourself a unique chair ♥

This technique creates a neat, angular corner with one visible box-like pleat. It’s my preferred corner finish and the one I used for this project.

How to upholster chair corners. Site shows 2 ways to do the corners, + a pictorial step by step directions for doing a drop in chair seat.

what about using a rope two stitch together two slabs of wood... then resin over... Selected Patterns™ | OFFECCT

Beautiful stitiching (what about using a rope two stitch together two slabs of wood. then resin over.