oh my, I will have to keep n eye out for these lovelies  VINTAGE VELVET RIBBON

vintage velvet ribbons to use for embroidery or stitches/lining (contrasting color and texture on a rougher fabric)

A vintage style wooden spool with 3 yards of 3/8 (9.5mm) beautiful grey velvet ribbon. Wooden spool measures 2 3/4 h x 1.25 w. Perfect for gift

Gray Velvet Ribbon Grey Velvet Ribbon Velvet by eabdesigns

Velvet Ribbon Ankle Wrap Bow Heels DIY

Velvet Ribbon Ankle Wrap Bow Heels DIY (Love Maegan)

I’ve had these Alberta Ferretti ankle-strap-ribbon-wrap-bow-heels Pinned for ages so I’d remember to do this simple DIY that not only amps up any pumps you have, it’s also functional… it literally str

Etoile Velvet Ribbon #anthropologie

Caught My Eye . . . 11/11/13