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JOÃO DOEDERLEIN (@akapoeta) | desinteresse

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Paixão por orquídeas - Meu orquidário: Guia da Phalaenopsis

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Já Conheces a História de Superação do Nick Vujicic? um vídeo q fez eu pensar mais ainda diferente!

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I teach a quick and easy exercise to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety, worry, and panic immediately. Click to watch the video!

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This is a beautiful story in a Hospital Window The video Inspirational people to overcome all life energy challenges in life. Background place is a hospital where …

Stop whining, start grinding holds true for many of us. When you find yourself questioning your ability to reach your goals...and we all do that...STOP WHINING, START GRINDING! Please read my latest blog

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this image means the battle of good and evil within yourself. Everyone has a good and bad side to them no matter who they are same goes for me this image motivates me to overcome the bad within me. From Dan Pink's video I learned that this image brings out Mastery in me because I feel it allows me to wanna perfect my love for games even more by being able to create one.

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The Legend of Zelda - Link, Dark Link

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft Video Game Poster--this is one bad ass chick and re-imagination of Lara Croft! Love it!

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Video Reflexão, Motivação, Atitude, Superação