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Vitro Basculante

Modelos e tipos de janelas

Janela retangular para área da pia na cozinha


Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 105 Pics

Barovier and Toso Parabolici Patchwork Art Glass Vase, designed by Ercole Barovier, c.1957.


This one of a kind hand crafted stained glass dump truck is made with copper foil, stained glass and rubber. The night light is 31/2" x 5" and is attached to a night light fixture. This cool night light will light up any room day or night! $30.00

Giles Bettison (1966-), Murrini Glass, "BILLET 07 #7"

The bottles are collected from the dump, cleaned, cut into stripes and into triangles. Laid into star shapes and ut into the kiln to fuse the glass. Each star is hand tied to the piece of driftwood from a lake in the Pacific Northwest. This wind chime is for indoor use only. The gorgeous sound of it tinkling as you walk by is amazing.


Stained Glass Window. #dove


Refrigerator Cucumber Salad

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Mosaic on a recycled bottle


OMA’s Très Grande Bibliothèque – (More)

The Very Big Library is interpreted as a solid block of information, a repository of all forms of memory – books, laser disks, microfiche, computers and databases. In this block, the major public spaces are defined as absences of building, voids carved out of the information solid. Floating in memory, they are multiple embryos, each with its own technological placenta.