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Waltham Abbey -EXCERPT: 'In March 1540, Waltham became the last abbey to be closed down by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Interestingly, the abbey organist at the time was Thomas Tallis (circa 1505 - 1585) who is now considered the father of English cathedral music.'

Waltham Abbey The Augustinian abbey was a popular place for kings to stay during hunting trips in nearby Waltham Forest. Henry VIII was a regular visitor and on several occasions was accompanied by Anne Boleyn. In July 1529, Henry VIII took Anne Boleyn on progress and visited a number of places including the Abbey. During the summer progress of 1532, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed at Waltham Abbey for five days.

Lee Valley Walking Route Waltham Abbey is absolutely steeped in history with most of it surrounding Waltham Abbey Church, which was a surviving Norman church from the abbey dissolved by King Henry VIII. There are plenty of highlights along this leisurely Essex walk which includes the Royal Gunpowder Mills, plenty of rural countryside walking routes and the popular Lee Valley Regional Park.

Vintage Train Travel Poster by Gregory Brown: Waltham Abbey, England




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West Tower, Waltham Abbey Church, Waltham Abbey, Essex


Waltham Abbey Church, Waltham Abbey, Essex


Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel. Waltham Abbey, Essex - A wonderful hotel wedding venue