Welsh Cakes _ Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. Take Welsh Cakes, for example. It just doesn't get much more basic and simple than Welsh Cakes, yet they are pretty much one of the tastiest things on the planet! (Pancake For One Food Ideas)

Traditional Welsh cawl

This traditional stew recipe is the national dish of Wales – it's hearty and delicious; made with lamb Jamie's welsh cawl is a comforting dish that the whole family can enjoy.

Glamorgan Sausages

Welsh Vegetarian Sausages for a Family Supper - Glamorgan Sausages (Selsig Morgannwg) - Lavender and Lovage

How to cook perfect welsh rarebit

WELSH RAREBIT (cheese sauce over toast) ~~~ recipe gateway: this post's link…

Welsh Amber Pudding

This traditional Welsh Amber Pudding Recipe is delicious served hot or cold with a generous amount of cream.

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Mark Hix’s Welsh onion cake

Welsh Gingerbread Recipe ~ This recipe for Welsh Gingerbread is an old one. I picked it up during my culinary tour of Wales, and as you can see from the picture, it comes from an old book (you know, the kind your grandmother has stashed on the shelf) Th

CAWL CENNIN (Welsh leek soup) with quick Welsh Rarebit, a delicious recipe from the new M&S app. Omit cream & use boiled & blended potatoes or rice to thicken soup. Maybe not as rich but still quite tasty.

Classic Welsh rarebit - with a gooey, cheesy sauce made with beer! I knew my affinity for cheese toast was beyond normal!

24 Welsh Recipes to Help You Celebrate St David's Day

Nov: An historic recipe dating back to medieval Wales, Chicken and Leek Pie offers incredible, comforting flavors and simple luxury. This was elegant cuisine then and now.

Welsh cheese cakes with blackcurrant jam. (In the States, blackcurrant jam is sold in Cost Plus.) to be Welsh 😊

A traitional Welsh family 'Bara Brith' recipe. Delicious smothered in butter with a nice hot cup of tea.