Tutorial - Poofy Anime Bangs and giving a Wig volu by RuffleButtCosplay.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Tutorial for making anime bangs and giving your wigs some extra poof! Tutorial - Poofy Anime Bangs and giving a Wig volu

Wigs are not just for cosplay. Many women wear them for a variety of reasons. If you want a new style, try this simple tip with no cutting required.

epiccosplaywigs: “ Did you know you can use our large skin top styles like Eros to create many hair parts and bang styles? All you need is a spray bottle of water, a comb, and a.

Yarn Wigs. I clicked through and watched the video tutorial, and YES, it is actually yarn! Her wigs are AMAZING. Excellent information here.

First long yarn wig ;) And its SO FLUFFY! This was largely a learning experience finding out the good techniques and all that- I may actually try and layer it a bit more but not for a bit. x'D I'm all tuckered out!

Gluing a fake hairline for your wigs

Gluing a Fake Hairline for Your Wigs

Hello guys and welcome to my step by step tutorial on how to glue on a wigs hairline :D *This wig alteration is for Sakura from Gate 7 (by CLAMP).

Cosplay Wigs: Taking away wig shine by ~cosplay--tutorials on deviantART #Cosplay

Have you ever purchased a wig online that looked beautiful and perfect, only to receive it an it was a shiny monstrosity? Well, no more, I tell you! This tutorial on removing the shine from a wig comes from a cosplay tutorial Deviantart!

Kuroshitsuji Grell Wig Tutorial by =BloodlustDetox on deviantART

Kuroshitsuji Cosplay Grell Wig Tutorial by =BloodlustDetox on deviantART

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Junko Enoshima wig tutorial

Junko Enoshima wig tutorial ask-irl-junko: “ Hiya! : D I had a lot of messages asking me to do a tutorial on how I styled my junko wig, so i decided to take some pictures and explain how i did it this.

for OUAT Evil Queen -- Uberponytail Cosplay Wig Tutorial by lunaladyoflight.deviantart.com

Bumped -up wig tutorial - shown for Thumbelina wig, but this can be adapted for other characters as well.