Use this freebie to help your students write an opinion book review. There are 2 different versions included!

Writing an admission essay is easier said than done. It becomes all the more difficult when you struggle with writing.

Book Review Template!! YAY! Having to look up book reviews in class and I really like this one

Book Review - Fire Pool by David E Owen

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Book Report Templates for Kinder and First Graders

Book Report Templates for Kinder and First Graders

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I write book reviews. Do you want to become a book-blogger, too? Here are some simple tips on writing book reviews.

Ultimate Book Review Blogger Guide & Review Program Directory

Opinion Continued: Dede possessed the strength to do this but never the courage so when she finally decided she was going to do what she thought was right I just died for a second and wished I could give her a fat hug.

The Book Chook: How Do Kids Write a Book Review?

How Do Kids Write a Book Review?

Why not explore books with your children the way adults do in bookclubs? This article has some great questions for you to pose to your young reader.

Writing Your First Book Review (Free Worksheet + Walkthrough)

Writing Your First Book Review (Worksheet + Walkthrough)

Dr. Seuss Book Review and Opinion Writing Freebie

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

The students pick their favorite book, write a book reivew/opinion writing on their book, and then turn it into a cute Cat in the Hat craft :) Enjoy!

Writing Book Reviews: There are 7 points to a great book review. Click to learn How to Write a Great Book Review. #writingbiz #writingtips

image © by athena. I am a woman obsessed with fountain pens as of late! Here are some links I thought other fountain pen obsessed may enjoy. Sketching with a fountain pen (I've always loved letters with illustrations) How to.

Love to read? Here are some tips on How to Become a Book Reviewer!

How to Become a Book Reviewer

Yes I would love to earn my living reading books and giving my opinion on them like its a fact