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Artemis e Wally Depois no fim da segunda temporada só coração forte pra olhar essa foto

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YOUNG JUSTICE Poster SDCC 2011 by *philbourassa on deviantART

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Young Justice: Batman and Robin Martian Man Hunter and M'gann Flash and Kid Flash Green Arrow, Red Arrow, and Artemis Auquaman and Auqualad Superman and Superboy

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edits impulse The Flash young justice kid flash wally west bart allen barry allen flash family I love this family u-u

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Young justice

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Young Justice: Season 3 teaser poster. I'm actually crying right now

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Young justice "Cause we're all just kids who grew up way too fast. The good die young but the great always last."

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Young Justice / Superboy /I like this art! It's simple, yet detailed in a way, mimics the art of the show while being unique in itself. Not to mention I love the combination of the jacket from season one and the gloves from season two.

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Lince - Justiça Jovem

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