Fábio Marcos

Fábio Marcos

Belo Horizonte / Então gente, ultimamente eu tenho me interessado muito por essas coisas, essa é uma pequena parte da minha pesquisa. SP@XXXMXXX2X #21
Fábio Marcos
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Cerambycid beetle (Coleoptera, Lamiinae, Cerambycidae) from the dense rain forest of Yangambi (DR Congo)

Specimen mounted and photographed by Andre de Kessel - "Cerambycid beetle (ca long, Coleoptera, Lamiinae, Cerambycidae; ID: .) from the dense rain forest of Yangambi (DR Congo, November ethanol preserved).


Photographer Ireneusz Irass Waledzik - collection of fascinating facet eyes of dragonflies, bees and flies. ~Insect faces only a mother could love!

15 bichos em cores inesperadas

Red Velvet Ant Interestingly, this ‘ant’ is actually a wasp from the Mutillidae family, which include over different species. The females are wingless and resemble giant ants made of red velvet.