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Lições de Amor: Meditações sobre Você

Lições de Amor: Meditações sobre Você

GF Very healthy Salted Caramel (almond butter, maple syrup, and salt) Chocolate Pancakes (oat flour and almond meal)

These vegan and gluten-free pancakes have a creamy and melty salted caramel center that melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite!

DIY on how to make werewolf horror claw blood cupcakes for halloween or birthday party

My last cake post of my eyeball cupcakes had a great response online and a few people have asked me how to make the edible blood so I t.

Korean spicy somen noodle (bibim gook su)

Korean Bibim Gook Soo (Korean noodle dish) - Typically bibim gook soo is served with a platter of meat since the noodles are vegetarian. Nice with a side of kalbi.