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Móveis lindos feitos com blocos de concreto para a sua casa

When we start talking about outdoors and all the fun things to make, build or plant, there is always one project that immediately comes to my mind: cinder block planters

© Nelson Kon Ano Projeto: . Area unit: . Colaboradores: Grau Engenharia. Arquitetos: Levisky Arquitetos Associados e Anna Julia Dietzsch. Fotógrafo: Nelson Kon, Renata Gomes

Built by Levisky Arquitectos Associados & Anna Dietzsch, Davis Brody Bond in , Brazil The design of the Victor Civita Plaza - Open Museum of Sustainability was based on the ever growing issue of contamin.

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Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) is a structure of nets suspended above a field of aromatic plants. Designed by Jane Hutton & Adrian Blackwell, Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) was exhibited in Metis Garden Festival between