Built in bed with loft and slide for a freakin' fantastic kids' room!

a ladder and slide in the room that goes up into a little step up, play room. This is a bedroom or playroom for little kids if you take the pink away it could be for boys and girls room. This is some brilliant designing! Love it perfect for a little girl

Une jolie chambre d'enfant dans les tons de gris, blanc et avec du bois pour réchauffer la pièce

Kristy of Incy Interiors shares her expert tips on how to create a functional and stylish nursery. Love this blingy cot and navy colour palette Check out all her tips and pics of other stylish nurseries >>> a truly gender neutral nursery to my eye

Lista de enxoval de bebê completa - Mães - GNT

Lista de enxoval de bebê completa

mommo design: HOUSES

Children's Bed - Looks Like A Little House Headboard . instructions seem to be in Dutch, you can try translating it into English but you get the idea for a cute bed that you could copy from the picture and the dimensions of a twin size bed.

É uma boa ideia colocar na primeira gaveta da cômoda do bebê as fraldas, algodão, cotonetes, lencinhos e outros itens de higiene e limpeza do bebê. Lembre-se que você vai dar banho nele dentro do quarto, e tudo precisa estar à mão.

Organização para o quarto do bebê

Nice site for baby organization ideas: This is how I plan on organizing the top drawer of the boys dresser/changing table.