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We´re On A Magnificent Journey With Mother Earth !...Throughout The Universe Around The Galaxy Milkyway !...She´ll Be One Shiny Star From A Great Cosmic Birth !...We´ll Be All New Beings,In Light And Love Will Stay !...© http://about.me/Samissomar Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

Napoleon: You have written this huge book on the system of the world without once mentioning the author of the universe. ~~ Laplace: Sire, I had no need of that hypothesis.

⭐O vencedor herdará todas as coisas; e Eu serei o seu Deus e ele será Meu filho. - Revelação, 21:7⭐

This is a real photograph taken at Kailaas, Maan-Sarovar - Tibet-China border from ft height at am. The photo is not edited! Tap and enlarge to see the full photo and enjoy the beauty of Nov 16

Atardecer | Sunset

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